Every year, WWDC was held is the great event in every Apple fans’ heart. This year, both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was announced in WWDC. A large number of apple fans cheers and wait in line in front of the Apple store. Everyone on the Internet talked about them and want to buy them. If you have an iPhone, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, what could be better than watching some a few clips from your favorite DVD movie when you’re bored on the road or if you have extra time between classes? However, the most trouble perform in supporting music, video and pictures by those portable devices is the video format. I believe the software I reviewed will help you to know about in depth.

Aneesoft DVD to iPhone Converter for Mac is the easiest tool to solve the problem on Mac OS X Lion which has no spyware and adware. Just like the name tells, this DVD to iPhone Video Converter for Mac will help you rip any DVDs to iPhone.


The Good

Simple Operation
The concise interface with easy three steps will help you finish this conversion. The big built-in-video player let you preview the DVDs in original and the side-by-side video player can preview the original and the edited files before the DVD conversion. The two way of loading the DVD are drag-n-drop thumbnail of DVD and click “Add” to add DVDs.

DVD editings expand with you
Rotate movie, set movie brightness, contrast, saturation, apply effects and even add watermark and subtitles to personalize your DVD clips before conversion.

DVD subtitle and audio track selectable for custom output
Select any available subtitle and audio track on DVD for ripping. You can adjust video and audio settings which provided by Aneesoft DVD to iPhone converter for Mac, such as Resolution, Video Bitrate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, Sample Rate, etc.

3D effect makes you be personally on the scene!
Anaglyphic 3D function can convert any videos to 3D videos. There are four models you can select: Red/Blue, Red/Green, Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow. Also you can preview the 3D effects in real time. All you need to do is preparing a pair of 3D glasses. Your friends, families and you can enjoy 3D videos anywhere and anytime besides in the theater.

DVD trimming and cropping with flexibility
You can get any video length you want with trim function, just drag the process bar to the trim points. While with crop, you can cut off the DVD clips’ black edges and unwanted area easily.

The Bad

Although the quality of output videos are nice, the speed of conversion need to be faster. Sometimes, the video in built-in-video player does not synchronize with sound. It also would be nice to have an option to open iTunes when the procedure finishes, to make it easier for the user to copy the file to the Apple device.


Aneesoft DVD to iPhone Converter for Mac absolutely is a great tool for ripping DVDs to iPhone devices providing you an easy-to-work-with interface, high quality of the output videos and a comprehensive editor feature. Although the speed of conversion is not the fastest, it can be used on an average system. In a word, Aneesoft DVD to iPhone Converter is worth using for iPhone users.

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