“Recently, I have trouble with watching 3D movies. My friend bought a pair of 3D glasses to me. But all my videos and dvds are 2D. Can you tell me how to watch 3D videos at home with my 3D glasses?”

The best way of watching 3D videos at home is converting your 2D videos to 3D videos with a video converter. 2D to 3D video conversion (also called 2D to stereo 3D conversion and stereo conversion) is the process of transforming 2D (“flat”) film to 3D form, which in almost all cases is stereo, so it is the process of creating imagery for each eye from one 2D image.


Although the simulated 3D aren’t the truly 3D. It still can bring a stimulating new experience to your favorite blockbusters, home movies and online video. The most important point is that you can enjoy vivid and realistic visual entertainment anytime with your families for free.

Need for 2D to 3D conversion:

Aneesoft Total Media Converter


Steps of 2D to 3D conversion:

Step 1: Import your 2D video files(DVDs or video files)

Click the bottom “Add files” or drag-n-drop thumbnail of videos directly to import files.

Step 2: Output settings

Choose your 3D models according to your 3D glasses from: Red/Blue, Red/Green, Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow. And you can set the 3D depth to adjust the 3D effect . The built-in player can preview the 3D effect in your file.

mac-total mc-3

Step 3: Choose the output format to adjust your video player

Meanwhile, you can choose the output format to adjust your video player devices. You can choose  MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV, ASF, TS, MPG etc. with SD/HD standards.

Step 4: Start conversion

Finally, click “Start” to start the conversion. Connect USB with PC and put the output file to USB. You can play it on Smart TV, Apple TV and so on.

This conversion is an extremely simple and easy process that can be successfully performed with few clicks. This software can be downloaded for free. If you need a permanent right to use. You need to register online.

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