Samsung Galaxy Beam’s built-in projector gives you the freedom to share all kinds of contents with your friends virtually anywhere. Stunningly good definition with a gradated throw up to 2 meters away, you can adjust sizing as you wish, up to 50 large – as big as your TVs. The Samsung Galaxy Beam’s highest capacity battery powers a whole range of activities on your smartphone – up to 3 hours of continuous play time. Guarantees prolonged enjoyment of your contents – full-length movies, live streaming of performances, sports matches, game-playing till you drop!  Without needing to stop and recharge.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Lots of people wants to enjoy DVDs with Samsung Galaxy Beam’s projector. However, some of people don’t know how to rip DVDs to Samsung Galaxy Beam. Next, I will teach you how to rip DVDs to the smartphone.

Step 1: You need to download the Aneesoft DVD Ripper for Windows and install it in your computer.


Step 2: Click”Add DVD” to put in the Aneesoft DVD Ripper for Windows.

You can choose the format you want to converter. If you want to enjoy movies with projector, I suggest you to choose the HD MPEG-4 Video. At the same time, you should also set where to save your output files by click the bar of “Destination”, or you can use the destination path set by default directly.


Step 3: Personalized settings.

You can reset your file’s parameters: resolution, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, channel. Furthermore, if you want to edit your movies before conversion, click”edit”. You can crop the area size and aspect ratio of it, add text or image watermark to the video, set the interlaced video to non-interlaced video and more.


Step 4: Finally, Click the “Start” button to start converting DVD movies to the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Enjoy your movies with Samsung Galaxy Beam’s projector! If you are using the unregistered version, you just have the five minutes of the movie to convert. You need to register it as a full-version to remove this limitation.

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