-I hope there are 3rd party apps or driver updates for the RT to play more than just online video. I want to watch my DVD on RT.
-I’ve paid much for my lots of DVDs. Now I bought Surface to replace PC. How about my precious DVDs? I need to find a way to transfer those vidoeos in DVD disc to Surface.

Surface Pro has been an amazing device. And now, Surface Pro 2 is a very significant upgrade on top of that strength, with meaningful battery-life improvements so it lasts nearly a full workday, a dual-stage kickstand that works great on your lap, and even faster performance. With Display resolutions (X/Y) of 1920 px/1080 px, users can have a better experience in watching DVD. However, it has been complained for playing DVD since it does not have the CD-ROM.


So If you are sure that you get a way to watch videos stored in DVD disc, or in your hard disk with Surface doesn’t supported video formats, feel free to skip this tutorial, and you can go back anytime while you want to know how to use 3-party software to rip and convert DVD movie to your Surface.

Things you’ll need:

1. Aneesoft DVD Ripper (Free for download trial version).


2. DVDs, PC, Surface

Step 1: Download & Install Aneesoft DVD Ripper

At the beginning, we need to download Aneesoft DVD Ripper, and then install it on your computer. Just double click the .exe file of this program, and follow the wizard. With this DVD converter tool, we can convert DVD movies to Surface with superior quality and speed.

Step 2: Run Aneesoft DVD Ripper and load DVD movie files

Run Aneesoft DVD Ripper and click the button “Load…” to add the DVD movie from the DVD disk, DVD folder and IFO files.


Step 3: Edit DVD movies: crop, add effect, add watermark and so on

You can edit your movies, like cropping, adding watermarks and effects with the built-in video editing tool in Aneesoft DVD Ripper. To crop your DVD videos, select “Enable Crop” and then you can change the crop area and aspect ratio for the output videos.


Step 4: Set the Surface output to convert DVD to Surface

Here you can find all of the Surface supported format in the Profile drop-down list. What you should know is that the video quality mostly depends on the bitrate of the video you set. The larger bitrate you set, much more clear the output video is, but the larger file size you will get.

Surface Video files supported:

output hdmp4

Step 5: Start converting DVD to Surface

Click the button “Start” to begin the conversion of DVD movies to Surface videos. After the conversions complete, you may transfer the converted movies to your Surface and have an exceptional video playback.

You can have a free trial of Aneesoft DVD Ripper. The evaluation version can only convert the first 5 minutes of every file, and only half of the file will be processed if a given file is less than 5 minutes. If you want the permanent right of using, you can register it online.

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