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Competition is a beautiful thing and something Apple customers aren’t used to — especially if you own an iPhone. But that all changed in Feb. 10 when Verizon began selling a CDMA iPhone 4.

With the releasing of CDMA iPhone 4-Aneesoft Corporation, a popular digital multimedia software company, has updated the DVD Ripper Pro for CDMA iPhone 4 users. The updated DVD Ripper Pro is optimized for the iOS 4.2.

The reviews are pretty unanimous: It’s the same phone. The only difference is the network.

AT&T’s data network is faster with the world-wide GSM mobile-phone standard — when you have a strong connection on both phones.

What’s more, the Verizon model can’t fetch Internet data at the same time it is making a voice call, something the AT&T model can do, although Verizon’s network has wider, more consistent coverage, and noticeably superior voice quality.

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