How to make Easter Flash photo gallery with songs

Get Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery to make yourself a funny easter 3D flash photo gallery with easter songs.

Spring has arrived and the Easter holidays are nearly upon us. For both religious and non-religious, Easter events and traditions can help families grow closer together. Both children and parents enjoy spending time with one another during Easter holiday. There are a lot of interesting things we can do, such as dyeing Easter eggs, searching candy eggs, playing with Easter Bunny, enjoying Easter food and attending Easter service. All these moments maybe you have pictured them and want to bring the photos to life in an Easter flash photo gallery to share with others.

Making a 3D Flash Easter photo gallery with your picture will be one of your best choice. With merry songs and flexible arrangement, your Easter pictures will display vividly with you control on your computer and share with others. Doubting the process of making the 3D Flash Easter photo gallery will be difficult and complicated? Why not try the one named Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery, which is the most suitable tool for you to make flash gallery. You needn't to be skilled in flash making, also you needn't install a bunch of software or follow complicated instructions, just several mouse clicks your personal Easter memory will kept as you want.

What you'll need:
1. Easter photos and birthday songs for your 3D flash gallery
2. Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery

We’ll be using a very nice 3D flash gallery making software ‘Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery’ to make an Easter 3D flash galleries with Easter photos and songs, head over here and download the free trial version. Next step is to install the program.
Download free trial of Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery now

Step 2: Import Easter photos and edit

You can add up to 500 Easter photos that you want to use in your Easter flash photo gallery, arrange the photos as you like. Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery supports a wide range of file formats for images, such as .jpg, .bmp, .gif. Click "Add Caption" to add title and description for your Easter photos. And you can also crop and add special effects to them to make your Easter photos more perfect.
Add Easter photos for making Easter flash photo gallery

Step 3: Choose from a variety of Easter flash gallery templates

Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery offer you an easy way to make an Easter flash photo gallery by choosing from variety of flash gallery templates. A flash gallery template automatically put preset decoration to Easter flash photo gallery. When you select a preset flash gallery template, you're able to enhance it by customizing some additional settings, such as background, thumbnail effects, playback options and scrolling actions. For the adventurous users, explore the powerful advanced features and tools that gives you total control over how you compose your Easter flash photo galleries.
Choose flash gallery template in Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery
Change gallery template settings for displaying 3D birthday flash gallery

Step 4: Add some Easter songs to your Easter flash gallery

Play with some music with your Easter flash gallery will be more interesting and vivid. In this step, you can add Easter songs as your background music files to play along with your Easter flash gallery. Click Add Music button to browse and add your music files. You can add, remove and edit the music files. And you may check the option to control the background music looping or not.
Add Easter music files for making 3D birthday Flash Gallery

Step 5: Preview and publish your 3D Easter flash gallery

It is advisable that you preview the 3D Easter flash gallery at least once, before you publish it. Click and drag mouse for scrolling and tilting the 3D Easter flash gallery. Click on the thumbnail to zoom in and out the photos. You have several options to share and publish your 3D Easter flash photo gallery, such as SWF, EXE,and HTML. It depends on your needs.
Preview and publish cool 3D Easter flash gallery

Well, a 3D Easter flash gallery is finished. Would you like to make your own 3D flash gallery now? Download free trial version of Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery for a try.