How to convert MKV to XviD videos

Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to convert MKV videos to XviD videos from Blu-ray rip.

You have a Blu-ray DVD ripped in MKV format? Want to convert these MKV files to XviD files? Searching online for this conversion process brings up long process and it requires downloading tons of different applications, codecs, and converter applications,and even after you follow all of these tedious steps, you still come out with a product that you are not satisfied with? Well, read on, my tutorial will help you to solve all these confusions.

My case is to convert Blu-ray rip whose format is MKV to XviD format to playback on my PS3 and XBox 360. The converter I used is Aneesoft MKV Video Converter. I'm not a noob at video converter tools, comparing to numerous other converters, the reason why I choose this one is for its features - fast, powerful and easy to use. Once you tried yourself you will get what I mean. Following the steps below:

Things you’ll need
1. Aneesoft MKV Video Converter (Free for download trial version)
2. MKV video files

Step 1: Download & install

Head over here and download the free trial version to install the program.

Step 2: Add the MKV videos you want to convert

Click "Add" button on tool tar to load the MKV videos you want to convert. If you have several videos to convert, just add all of them at one time.

Step 3: Edit videos: crop, trim, add effects, add watermark

Wanna edit your videos to make it more personalized? You may trim video clips, crop video, add some special effects, add a watermark in Aneesoft MKV Video Converter. Just select the title you'd like to edit, then click the button 'Edit' to launch video editing window.

Step 4: Merge some separate MKV videos to 1 single file

Click on the video titles you'd like to merge to 1 single file, then click 'Merge' button.

Step 5: Set output format

Click gear icon to set "XviD Video(*.avi) is output video format in the "Profile" drop download list. And if you are skilled users, you can set video size, video quality, audio quality, channels (mono or stereo) to get customized XviD video.

Step 6: Start converting MKV videos

Click the big button "Start" to begin converting MKV videos to XviD videos. Once the convert is complete,  open the target folder and check the converted XviD videos.