How to convert VOB to WMV videos on Mac

Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to convert VOB to WMV videos for Windows Movie Maker

I've used my video camera to record some wonderful moments during this Christmas. But when I pasted the folder onto my computer and opened it, it was VOB files. But I need to convert these VOB to WMV videos so I can upload them onto Windows Movie Maker for editing my WMV videos (Which doesn't accept VOB files). I have tried multiple converters but some of them leave a watermark and some have some sort of catch. Finally when I tried Aneesoft Video Converter Pro for Mac all my problems easily solved. So here I want to share my experience with anyone who meet the same questions as I did.

This software is quite easy to use and can convert all popular video files including WMV files with excellent output quality and high conversion speed. Considering you might be a novice of computer, let me show you how to convert VOB files to WMV format step by step.

Things you’ll need
1. Aneesoft Video Converter Pro for Mac (Free for download trial version)
2. VOB video files

Step 1: Download & install

Head over here and download the free trial version to install the program.

Step 2: Add VOB video files

Now run Aneesoft Video Converter Pro and click the big button "Add Files" to add VOB video files on your computer, you may add as many videos as you want to convert to WMV videos. Only the titles you checked will be converted. So if there're some videos you don't want to convert, you need to uncheck them or 'Delete' them from the right-click menu. 'Clear' in the right-click menu means remove all titles in the list.

Step 3: Edit VOB videos: crop, trim, add effects, add watermark

Wanna edit your videos to make it more personalized? Click the button 'Edit' to launch video editing window. Then you can trim, crop, effect, watermark your video easily.

Step 4: Merge some separate VOB videos to 1 single MP4 file

Click on the video titles you'd like to merge to 1 single file, then click 'Merge' button and uncheck the former separate files if you just need the single merged video file. Here 'click on the video titles' is not just check the options, you need to click them to make them highlight. You may see the image below to have an idea.

Step 5: Change the output settings to convert videos with best quality

There are almost all common video formats available for you to choose to convert. You may convert VOB videos to different video formats for video editing or playback on your mobile devices, such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, cellphone, etc. Remember that the output file size mostly depends on the Bitrate you set. Larger Bitrate, larger file size. Actually video with bitrate as 768 is acceptable for watching.
Set WMV Output formats in Aneesoft VOB to WMV Converter Software

Step 6: Start converting

Now you may click the big button "Start" to begin converting VOB videos to WMV videos. Once the convert is complete, Aneesoft Video Converter Pro for Mac will place a new version of your video. Double-click the new WMV file and play it to make sure it looks as you expect.