Top 10 best Christmas iPad games for holiday season

Best free Christmas iPad games and most popular iPad games for Christmas gifts.

It's that time of year; holidays & Christmas cheer is overwhelming the Apple App Store. Save some time rummaging through the holiday iPad apps, and download these Christmas games first. There are thousands of iPad Christmas games to choose from and this page has a list of some of the best iPad games for Christmas and some of the best paid iPad games, available for download, according to the Apple App Store.

Angry Birds Seasons HD

From now on, every season is an Angry Birds season. After the special treats of Halloween, Angry Birds Seasons returns with another gift that keeps on giving: Season’s Greetings for the Holidays! The surprise smash hit of 2010 comes to the iPad with the same addictive gameplay that made it a hit on the iPhone.
Download Angry Birds Seasons HD
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Angry Birds Seasons HD

Plants vs. Zombies HD

Popcap's smash zombie tower-defense games make the jump to the iPad with colorful high-definition graphics, a spooky soundtrack, 50's-era sci-fi sound effects, 18 minigames, over two dozen zombie types, and 50 levels. Get ready to soil your plants in this high-definition, Multi-Touch adaptation of the PopCap hit!
Download Plants vs. Zombies HD
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Plants vs. Zombies HD

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift is breath of fresh air that doesn’t go dangerously overboard with cheesy plots and worse acting. Shift is extremely accessible to racers of any caliber, and its gameplay is deep and diverse enough to keep you behind the wheel for hours.
Download Need for Speed Shift
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Need for Speed Shift

Bit.Trip Beat HD

Bit.Trip Beat HD combines charming Atari-like 8-bit graphics and a nostalgia-laced bleeps-and-bloops soundtrack in a game that sees you deflecting musical enemy attacks with the on-screen rectangular paddle. Listen and react to different beat progressions as you try to survive an onslaught of spectacular retro visuals.
Download Bit.Trip Beat HD
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Bit.Trip Beat HD

ChuChu Rocket! HD

The cult-classic Dreamcast puzzle game is back with over 340 puzzles and frantic 1 to 4 player multiplayer action. ChuChu Rocket sees players helping cute ChuChus escape the clutches of evil KapuKapus in a whopping 145 puzzles sprinkled between Normal, Hard, Special, and Mania difficulty settings.
Download ChuChu Rocket! HD
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - ChuChu Rocket! HD

Fieldrunners for iPad

Fieldrunner for iPad is what you would get if you took Team Fortress 2's wacky take on warfare and blended it with the addictive "destroy 'em all by any means necessary" quality inherent to the tower-defense genre. As enemy soldiers race toward your HQ, you have to purchase weapons, strategically place them on the map, and prevent enemy troops from breaching your defense.
Download Fieldrunners for iPad
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Fieldrunners for iPad

Harbor Master HD

Enjoy the best selling game Harbor Master on the beautiful big screen of the iPad. With completely new content and gorgeous high resolution graphics, Harbor Master HD will blow you away. Harbor Master HD gives you one beautiful new level called Treasure Island. With six docks and two cargo types, the game gets hectic very fast.
Download Harbor Master HD
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Harbor Master HD

We Rule Quests for iPad

Direct your citizens to farm the land and harvest crops for sale. Extract natural land resources and develop your estate’s infrastructure. Send caravans of crops and other goods to your friends to earn gold together, Eexpand housing, and collect taxes from your citizens.
Download We Rule Quests for iPad
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - We Rule Quests for iPad

Scrabble for iPad

The best SCRABBLE ever, designed just for iPad! Enjoy the fantastically fun game you know and love with stunning HD-quality graphics, quick, easy play and incredible exclusive features. America’s favorite word game is an iPad essential – now more than ever! Using a finger, you drag titles to the gameboard, and hit "Play" to end the turn.
Download Scrabble for iPad
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Scrabble for iPad

Frogger Pad

Retrogamers rejoice! Konami's port of the arcade classic isn't a remake or re-imaging. It's a simple, true-to-the-original port of a frog trying to return to its lily-pad. Enjoy this long standing arcade classic in its best version ever! Jump past cars and trucks on the road and hitch a ride on logs and turtles while crossing the river. 
Download Frogger Pad
Best Free iPad Christmas Games - Frogger Pad

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