Top 10 best free Halloween iPad Apps for download

Download the top 10 best free Halloween iPad apps to get yourself into the Halloween mood.


With Halloween just a couple of weeks to go, I thought it would be interesting to have a selection of iPad apps to get you in the Halloween mood. After search in the App Store I have picked up the top 10 best free Halloween iPad apps from zombies photos to creepy sound effects which will surely match your Halloween outfit this October.

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Best free Halloween iPad apps - creepOmatic

With over 130 unique environment and melody combinations and over 30 spooky samples each experience you get from this free Halloween ipad apps will be unique. Perfect for Halloween parties, haunted houses or creeping out the neighborhood kids on Halloween night!
Download creepOmatic

Evil Quiz!

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Evil Quiz!

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween season, SKH Apps is offering Evil Quiz! 1.3 at no cost starting this Friday, Throughout the test, clever questions are asked along with various clicking on evil themed objects such as spiders, bats and skulls.
Download Evil Quiz!

Halloween Wallpaper HQ

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Halloween Wallpaper HQ

Halloween Wallpaper HQ is a great arrangement of the best and attractive Halloween wallpapers right on your iPad. Discover the ultimate collection of best picked high quality Halloween wallpaper for your and decorate it nicely.
Download Halloween Wallpaper HQ

Crazy Pumpkin

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Crazy Pumpkin

With this best free Halloween app on iPad you can just swipe to change eyes, nose and mouth to design your perfect Jack-o-lantern! This free iPad app Also looks great in a dark room, or imagine the looks on the faces of the next treat-or-treaters that come to your door!
Download Crazy Pumpkin

Kids Finger Painting

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Kids Finger Painting

Halloween is ideal for kids of all ages. The app is like no other, your kids can draw you a picture and child personalize it with a frame and their autograph! This best free Halloween iPad app also offers you with different coloring pages to draw on.
Download Kids Finger Painting


Best free Halloween iPad apps -iHalloween

Get ready for a spooky iHalloween with your iPad. Scare your friends and your neighbors when you go out trick or treating. Make scary stories even scarier when you add creepy sound effects and horrifying music to your tales.
Download iHalloween


Best free Halloween iPad apps - iAmZombie

iAmZombie allows users to transform the people in their photos into hordes of undead. iAmZombie is optimized for the retina display. Don't forget to post your zombie photos to Facebook, Twitter, or email them to your grandma for a good scare!
Download iAmZombie

Halloween Twister FREE 2010

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Halloween Twister FREE 2010

Just like Twister for your fingers! Press all Jack-O-Lantern buttons as they appear and do not let go until they disappear. Do not press other buttons that show up and try to trick your mind into pressing them. Try your best not to tie your fingers in knots!
Download Halloween Twister FREE 2010

Halloween Skull

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Halloween Skull

Turn your iPad into a cool Halloween Skull. Choose from tons of skulls and then customize it to be your very own. Save it as wallpaper, share it with your friends on Facebook or via email or just leave it playing in the background like a fun Halloween screen saver.
Download Halloween Skull

Halloween Mask My Face

Best free Halloween iPad apps - Halloween Mask My Face

Halloween Mask My Face is the best free Halloween iPad apps which allow you to place a variety of Halloween masks onto images and save them to share with family and friends! With this top best iPad app for Halloween you can add a Halloween mask to any image for free!
Download Halloween Mask My Face


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