Top free apps for Amazon Kindle Fire

Download top free apps for Kindle Fire!

Amazon Kindle Fire (just $199) is available for preorder and shipping in mid November. Are you ready to get one?

If you are going to buy a Kindle Fire, now you can start to search and prepare some top free apps for your new Kindle Fire. Here are some top free apps for Kindle Fire that I think you will download first!

Let’s take a look at these top free Kindle Fire apps!

WiFi Analyzer can help you find not only the available Wi-Fi spots, but also the networks with the strongest signal. A clear graphical report lists what's around you and shows its comparative strength in more detail than an ordinary mobile device will show, indicating which network has the least amount of traffic and interference, too.

Even though the Kindle Fire will come prepacked with its own Web browser, Dolphin Browser is a veritable back-up Kindle Fire app. You can change its look and feel through custom themes, add capability with Add-ons, or even navigate by gesture. When you encounter a pesky mobile site, you can don a disguise—for example, you can masquerade as an iPad—to unlock the un-cropped page.

Looking up information on a tablet will be something you do frequently. Have so much data at your fingertips? Wikidroid pulls articles from Wikipedia and optimizes their display for easy reading and searching from your Kindle Fire tablet. This Kindle Fire app has elegant search functionality, too.

The Amazon App store doesn't have a dedicated Facebook app but a very good alternative is HootSuite, which lets you manage three social networks at once: Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. is one reference free Kindle Fire app that I find immensely useful, because it keeps information local, letting you look up definitions and spellings even when you're not connected to a Wi-Fi line. I also love's pronunciation guide, as well as a word of the day. Students, either of the English language or some specialized field of study, will love the Favorites tab, which saves words and definitions that you frequently look up.

Evernote, the freemium note-taking and organization app, syncs all your files to a cloud service. Evernote likes your digital brain, a place to store everything from typed notes, to photos, to audio messages, to Web clips. The Evernote lets you access and search all your bits and pieces of information—anything you want to remember or be able to look up later. This free Kindle Fire app works smoothly, looks great, and most importantly, integrates with dozens of other apps and services.

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