HP TouchPad Runs Slow? How to Speed Up TouchPad?

Read this tutorial to learn how to speed up your slow HP TouchPad



Maybe you just rushed out to buy a $100 or $150 HP TouchPad, or maybe you’ve had one for months. No matter the reason, you now own a tablet. Unfortunately, speed is not desirable. WebOS, HP’s mobile operating system, runs quite slow on the TouchPad and we’re fairly certain its one of the major reasons why it wasn’t selling, which prompted HP to cancel the tablet and hold a firesale to rid itself of excess inventory (most places report it as sold out).

Easiest way to speed up HP TouchPad

You found your HP TouchPad is running slow? But don’t worry, in this article, I suggest one really simple way to speed up TouchPad.

Note: My HP TouchPad is running webOS v3.0.2. That is the only version that I have tested to speed up TouchPad. So please make sure you’re up to date.

One of the big problems with webOS is that HP has turned on all sorts of logging in the background. Logging is generally pretty good, as it records (or logs) problems with a machine or software, allowing you to refer back to the log should there ever be an issue. Unfortunately, the TouchPad’s logging is the problem and makes TouchPad slow. But it’s extremely easy to set logging to minimum. Doing this will noticeably speeds up TouchPad. Now let’s see the step by steps operations to set logging to minimal.

  • Open up the Phone & Video Calls App
  • Type ##5647# and hit the green call button
  • In the new window that pops up, click on “Change Logging Levels…”
  • On the next screen hit “Set Logging To Minimal”
  • Click OK to confirm on the “Are You Sure?” popup
  • That’s it!

After setting TouchPad logging to minimum, you’ll begin to notice a difference immediately. Maybe this doesn’t completely fix webOS’s issues, but it does speed up TouchPad.

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